• Vision Statement and Mission Statement Development
  • Vision Planning and Strategic Planning Retreats
  • Tactical and Departmental Working Forums
  • Executive Presentations for Employee Gatherings

Having developed and created exceptional Strategic Planning and Vision Planning Retreats for over 25 years, we are experienced in and comfortable with creating and facilitating innovative, imaginative and success producing vision and/or strategic planning programs to fit your specific company needs.

Vision and Strategic Planning are essential elements of a successful company. Hands down, having annual planning sessions will guarantee that your company makes continual improvements and plans for the future while at the same time assisting in creating a positive employee environment and focused working teams.

Vision and Strategic Planning Retreats bring your executives together (and the entire management team can and often is included), to focus specifically and unswervingly on the most important objectives and goals for the company based on the current business environment and founded upon the Vision and Mission Statements. Strategies that can then take these specific goals and objectives forward are utilized and refined, and then necessary steps and processes are put in place so to accomplish that which has been planned.

Our programs are tailor-made to focus on the important business elements for your company and your industry to bring about the maximum end-product from the planning process – improved work processes, focused working teams, growth and success.