Mazie Leftwich, Psy.D.,
Vice President

Mazie Leftwich, PsyD, MSW, is a nationally recognized Speaker, Workshop Leader and Trainer, currently serving as Vice President of Leftwich Management Inc., which provides consulting, training and management services for energy, transportation, real estate, corporate entities and non-profit organizations. Previously, as an executive with Contract Land Staff, she served as the Chief Administrative Officer providing oversight to seven infrastructure departments, along with being the Officer in Charge of the CLS Professional Development Institute where she was the catalyst behind CLS’s extensive employee training, project kick-off, team-excellence programs and the development of a culture of continuous improvement. She was the architect and director of two innovative programs for employees, clients and other right of way professionals: the ROW Certificate Program with the University of Houston/Downtown College of Business, a first in the nation, university-based training program specifically for ROW; and the first ever Right of Way Project Land Management Program (ROW/PLMP©) with the CLS Professional Development Institute. Additionally, she has created and presented hundreds of tailor-made trainings for energy, transportation real estate professionals and non-profit organizations.

She has been a regular presenter at the annual international conference for the IRWA (International Right of Way Association) for 30 years along with other energy, transportation and real estate conferences, just a few of her presentations are listed here:

  • Good Faith Negotiations: From the First Contact to the Last
  • Project Management & The Row Project Team
  • Lessons Learned About Stakeholder Outreach from a Right of Way Perspective
  • Successfully Managing Others
  • The Art and Psychology of Motivating Others
  • Understanding the Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Managing the Multi-Generational Workforce
  • The Mine Fields of Digital Communication
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: The What, Why’s and How’s
  • So, You’re Going to Testify: Prepare Yourself to be an Expert or Fact Witness

She has been an IRWA Certified Communications Instructor, teaching hundreds of professionals in local chapters, regional and international IRWA events. Additionally, she has been an Instructor on the University and Community College level, having taught psychology, been a clinical instructor and was an instructor at the University of Houston’s Leadership Certificate Program. She has a MSW (Master of Social Work) and a Doctorate in Applied Psychology (Psy.D.), and has been active in the Right of Way industry for 30 years. In addition to her work at CLS, Dr. Leftwich maintained a private clinical practice for 30 years, specializing in organizational and personal relationships along with executive coaching.

Dr. Leftwich is also an active writer and author: she began writing in high school for the school newspaper where she became editor along with working for a local newspaper throughout high school writing copy, designing ads and learning the art of mockup. After receiving her MSW, she began writing a weekly column for the Houston Community Newspapers, Ask the Therapist, as well as occasional articles for local magazines on family matters and mental health. During this same time period she hosted her first radio program, then a Community Television program, You and Your Health; and she was a regular mental health expert weekly guest for KILT AM for the greater Houston Market. As she became involved in the Right of Way industry, she began writing a regular column for the IRWA Magazine, ROW Therapy, which focused on management & personnel topics and corporate relationships and then saw ROW Therapy published for another 5 years by the CLS Professional Development Institute. For the past several years, Dr. Leftwich has been writing children books, The Adventures of the CedarWood Kids, a series of fun and entertaining stories based on the unique, funny and precious adventures of her grandchildren when they visit the family farm, CedarWood. Her first children’s book, Gracie Becomes A Rock Star, is currently available on Amazon and through her writer’s website www.CedarWoodKidsBooks.com. Her second book in the series, Logan’s Campfire Victory Poop will be available on Amazon the Fall of 2019 with her third book scheduled for mid-2020.

Dr. Leftwich is an exceptional communicator and is known for her lively, humorous and well-researched presentations and classes.