History of Leftwich Management Inc.

Leftwich Management was founded by Brent Leftwich in 1985 as Texas Acquisition & Title Services, Inc., a regional provider of title research and right of way acquisition services.

Leadership and Management Programs

Successful organizations have leaders and managers that work together to create productive and high energy teams. But this isn’t a simple task and requires exceptional leadership and management skills.

Executive Coaching

in owning and operating our own companies, Brent and Dr. Mazie Leftwich sold Contract Land Staff to Private Equity owners twice, staying on board each time to continue to lead and operate the company.

Vision and Strategic Planning

Our programs are tailor-made to focus on the important business elements for your company and your industry so to bring about the maximum end-product from the planning process – improved work processes, focused working teams, growth and success.

Organizational Structure / Company Culture

Your company’s structure defines how various tasks, assignments and events are directed in order to achieve important business goals and objectives.

Employee Engagement / Professional Development

Engaged employees are happy and motivated employees. Their workplace is comfortable, but also very productive, stimulating and an incubator for their own professional and personal growth.

Team Building

It is wise company leaders who understand and value the needs of its employees, who would like to come to work each day looking forward to the day, to multiple accomplishments and to working with a team that is positive, collaborative, innovative and takes pride in its work.

Entrepreneurs: So You Want to Sell Your Company?

Entrepreneurs love developing a business and making it grow. Their energy, drive and commitment can turn a one-person business into a niche industry giant. But through all the struggles and the ups and downs that come with owning a business, the entrepreneur usually begins at some point to dream of bigger things.