Are you clear of your organizational structure?
Has it simply developed on its own or has it been planned and executed with a sense of confidence?
Is your company growing with a plan for the future clearly defined by each department and work team?

Your company’s structure defines how various tasks, assignments and events are directed in order to achieve important business goals and objectives. These activities can include rules, roles, responsibilities, communication avenues and reporting hierarchy. Your organizational structure also determines how problem-solving and decision-making moves from level to level within the company and the appropriate boundaries for each level of management.

And remember, if you don’t have your structure thoroughly in place with clear communication avenues and boundaries defined, a vacuum exists that will be filled in by employees based, most likely, on what they think should happen, not what YOU think or want!

We will provide a thorough analysis of your current organizational structure along with the connections your structure has to your work culture. Then, working with your executive management team and other appropriate employee leaders, we will assist in developing a visual representation with various org charts that will help upper management ‘see’ the way they feel the company should begin moving. The end result is to provide clarity and to improve efficiency at every level, so that all departments and working teams can focus their energy and time on productivity and profitability.

Along the way, as your company structure becomes more thoroughly defined, you will see that the company culture will become clearer and more positive. The reality is that employees who know where they fit and feel comfortable in their work environment are happier, less stressed and more productive. For you that means fewer personnel issues and greater growth and profitability.