History of Leftwich Management, Inc.

Leftwich Management was founded by Brent Leftwich in 1985 as Texas Acquisition & Title Services, Inc., a regional provider of title research and right of way acquisition services. As the company grew and began serving numerous clients throughout the U.S., the name was changed in 1993 to Contract Land Staff, Inc. to more accurately reflect the services it provided as well as to de-regionalize the company.

Over the next 15 years, the company continued to provide its traditional services while growing into one of the leading Right of Way & Land Management Service companies in the U.S. and developed cutting ROW project and asset management technology, established a solid GIS department along with the first ever Virtual Right of Way department along with state of the art consulting services. The CLS Professional Development Institute (PDI) was also created to provide our employees the highest quality, industry and business-related training possible along with providing educational classes for energy and transportation entities and for the ROW industry as a whole. The results were phenomenal and the PDI came to provide 300+ trainings and presentations a year.

In the mid 2000’s the company began preparing itself for sale and in 2008, the assets of CLS were sold to a Private Equity investor.

The company’s name was then changed to Leftwich Management, Inc. (LMI) which has provided oversight and management of real estate, oil and gas and other investments.

Brent and Dr. Mazie Leftwich remained actively involved in leading Contract Land Staff until June 30, 2017, at which time they concluded their careers with CLS and returned to LMI to use each of their 40 plus years of experience in the business world to provide executive consulting services to entrepreneurs and companies seeking to enhance their organization’s leadership and management programs, organizational structure, strategic planning processes, and the professional development of their employees .