Entrepreneurs love developing a business and making it grow. Their energy, drive and commitment can turn a one-person business into a niche industry giant. But through all the struggles and the ups and downs that come with owning a business, the entrepreneur usually begins at some point to dream of bigger things. It goes beyond making good money or feeling successful. It’s looking ahead and thinking about what else can I do? Where else can I take all my years of experiences and knowledge gained? How can I cash in on the sweat equity I’ve put into this company through the years?

And that’s when the entrepreneur begins to think about selling their company.

As business owners, most entrepreneurs are always looking ahead, thinking about the future. They ask themselves: What do I really want my business to accomplish in the next 10 years? How do I see myself shaking up my industry?

Then quickly the question arises as to how do I sell it? Who can I sell it to? What do I need to do to prepare my company for a sale?

We can answer these questions and many more. We provide consulting based on our personal experience of preparing for and executing two successful sales to Private Equity investors and will lead the entrepreneur / business owner through the earliest stages of planning for a sale so you can maximize your selling potential. We will guide you in first making the small but critical tweaks to your internal operations; then assist in the important initial contacts in the Investment Banking Industry and begin the process of interviewing who you will work with to take your company to the market place.

Additionally, we will conduct a review of your organization and provide a checklist of items that we have found to be essential for preparing for executing a smooth sale transaction.